Not the best week in Maui…..

So January 8 while sitting by the hot tub at Napili Kai with Becca my sweet little innocent doggy decides to chase after a gecko in the bushes nearby. I, paying no attention, am holding the leash in my left hand hanging off my fingers and she is super strong….Ya not a good ending to this story. The least I am guessing got caught on my fingers and ripped them badly. So I figure its sprained….or even if its broken whatever and ice it alot and tape it up- its really swollen and gets really bruised- up to half of my hand and half way up my pinkie finger too. The worst is to my fourth finger- left hand luckily. Becca sadly has to leave me on Saturday morning. I am always a bit down once the kids go after New Year’s- I look forward to having them all here and we have so much fun together that it is pretty quiet when they go. So my hand is still really swollen and I think maybe I should go to a doctor. Everyone I know goes to the Doctors on Call at the Hyatt but I thought they didn’t have an xray so I find a place in Lahaina and go bus in. The guy comes in takes some xrays and yup- it is REALLY badly broken- just great! He takes a popsicle stick an tapes up my fourth finger and when I ask if I can go to Walgreens and get a metal splint he says no this is better. He does offer me prescription pain killers three times and keeps insisting i should need them at least to sleep- seriously I am not even taking tylenol. I then spend an hour going from Walgreens to Longs Drugs to Office Depot trying to find more popsicle sticks to no avail and finally go back and get a hand full from the dr. So now i look like a weird victim with my hand covered in tape and a big popsicle stick and he said I should go see the hand specialist. Of course he is in Kahalui which is on the other side of the island. I drown my sorrows by going to get some take out from Star Noodle and call Keala- the guy who drives me around here to take me home as I am in no mood to take the two busses home anymore as I am rather upset. Keala, it turns out, is in Honolulu where he has had a large piece of his bowel removed on New Year’s and won’t be driving for a while. Lovely! Great! I call a cab and go home to sulk. Then I walk over to the office to get my mail and notice the manager has her finger in a nice metal splint. She, of course only goes to the doctors at the Hyatt and of course they do actually have an xray there. And she tells me she doesn’t like the hand specialist I have been referred to as her son lost his toe after an accident and he should have sent him to Honolulu instead of doing a bad job of not fixing it. Now I am really unhappy and I want a real splint on my fingie. So I figure I will waste another day and some more money and go to the Hyatt and get another opinion. Of course I take the 1030 am bus there and they cant see me till 3 pm. So I spend the day wandering around the Hyatt hotel and Kaanapali- walking the beach, having lunch and shopping around the stores killing as much time as possible. I go back and get in and the nurse is in actual hysterics that an actual doctor would let me leave with such a severely broken finger and only give me a stupid popsicle stick!! At least I made their day. I got my nice metal splint and again got told it was badly broken and I needed to see the same specialist. Ok so now i email Peter Gropper back in Vancouver- he grew up in Saskatoon and is a hand specialist and Brad went to him when he broke his thumb years ago. He says go see the dumb guy here. So luckily Keala is kind enough to drive me as he has gotten the ok from his doc to drive. Cost me a small fortune but ya – u guessed it- doc was a jerk and said I need surgery- needed to be pinned and screwed and all sorts of scary painful Frankenstein stuff I wanted none of . Did i mention that medical care in Maui is really bad and I have heard bad things from everyone here about it so really not keen on having anything done more than a band aid. So he says great get on the next flight out and go have surgery back home. Ok I have a signed lease, the dog, Brad is coming in February not to mention I have no home or place to stay in Vancouver so great. And I keep being told the surgery is very painful and not so simple. Then Dr Gropper emails me to tell me he no longer does surgery. Oy vey! So i figure- its only a fourth finger left hand- I dont play any instruments, I dont play sports and not looking too likely I am wearing a wedding ring on that finger again so screw it. I shall hope for the best and just keep it taped up and hope I dont look any worse on my hand than my toes do- hey now they will match so what the hell! Napili feels terrible about hurting her Momma so bad- personally I knew it was just a matter of time but would have much preferred being in Vancouver when she did something. That prey drive is just way too strong in that dog and she is very fast and strong! Oh ya probably did some soft tissue damage to the pinkie as well but hopefully that just needs time and will be ok. Highlight was stopping at Leoda’s Pie shop on the way home from the hand doc and getting a bunch of pies = corn, mushroom, chicken pot pie and coconut cream to cheer me up and last for a few days. 


These nice people I met last year who are shareholders are back and were so nice to invite me to dinner last night at Napili kai. We had wine and cheese at the beach while watching a beautiful sunset and then they bbq steaks and we had salad on their lanaii. So kind of them! 

Just finished reading “Me Before You”= really good but not the cheeriest but I really enjoyed it. Now I am reading “Sidonia’s Thread”- a book about a Hungarian after the War- I know another not easy beach read but it comes highly recommended. 

Off to watch Next Great Baker!



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